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Tabletop + Linens 

Introducing an intimate collection of Tabletop, newly added to Circa Rentals. Our collection is both Modern, Timeless, Rad and Refined.  We are ready to serve your event. Let's clink glasses and get started!  

*Higher quantities & other colors available upon request.

Dinner + Side Plates


Cream Stone 10.5" Plate

Modern Ceramic Raised Trim

Dinner Plate | Qty. 20  $4.00


Cream Stone 8" Side Plate

Modern Ceramic Raised Trim

Salad/Dessert Plate | Qty. 40  $3.00

PinkGlossy Plate_Ikea.jpeg

Pink Stone Gloss

Dinner Plate 10" | Qty 40  $3.00 ea.

White 10,5 Dinner Plate.jpeg

White Dinner Plate

Qty. 100 | $2.00 ea.

Scallop Speckled Dinner Plate_edited.jpg

Scalloped Speckled Plate

Dinner Plate 10" | Qty 20  $4.00 ea.

White 10,5 Dinner Plate.jpeg

White Side Plate

Qty. 100 | $1.50 ea.

B&W Scalloped Stone Dinner Plate.jpeg

Lola Dinner Plate

Black Scalloped Trim Dinner Plate

Qty. 50 |  $3.50 ea.


White Deep Plate

Best for Soup + Pasta

Qty. 30 |  $3.00 ea.

Small Scalloped Speckled Plate - Websteraunt.jpg

Lola Side Plate

Black Scalloped Trim Salad Plate

Qty. 50 |  $3.00 ea.

Dessert Pedestals / Trays



Table Runners


Catering Supplies

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