Delivery fees are calculated by adding 20% to 24% of your total rental cost. Percentage varies on 

the number of rentals and distance to your location (Includes event load-in and end of event Take Down *Design & Styling is not included) / Delivery Hours are between 10am - 4pm.

*Hours prior or post the hours listed will incur an additional fee. 

if beyond 100 miles, please ask for a custom distance quote.

Any drive exceeding 100 miles and/or two hours of drive time or more, one way, from our Warehouse in La Mirada, CA, we require hotel (double occupancy) accommodation fee to be covered by renter at booking, Circa will handle the booking of hotel for our crew, fee will vary based on hotel rates.


                                 ADDITIONAL FEES



  • Stairs, Uphill, and/or Long Distance from drop off, are an additional fee. *TBD on case-by-case basis. 

  • Day Prior of Event Delivery / Late Night and/or Early Morning / Next Day Pick Up fee of $150.00 / Any distance beyond 40 miles of 91010 will incur a $225.00 Fee, will be added to the delivery fee, for the hours of 11pm - 8:00am and/or Day Prior Delivery & Next Day pick up. * Waived if requested by Circa.

  • Delivery hours between 8:00am - 10am will incur an additional fee of $125.00 / Any distance beyond 30 miles of 91010 will incur a $175.00 Fee

  • Delivery later than 4pm will incur an additional fee of $100.00 within 30 miles / Any distance beyond 30 miles of 91010 will incur a $175.00 Fee

  • Wait Time Fee applies if Circa Crew is to wait 1 hr. or longer to strike, upon agreed arrival time. $100.00 fee per each half hour of Wait Time occurrence.

  • A minimum of $200.00 fee will incur, if Crew arrives per agreement and then has to return again the following day, due to Event/Rentals not ready for pick up on said date.

  • Rental Items are placed in a specified/needed area upon delivery, it is up to the on-site contact to set up vignettes + lounges. Design & Styling Fee applies to furniture vignettes styled on site by Circa Designer.  *Farm Tables and/or items that require assembly will be set up by CIRCA Crew. 

  • Chair Fee - Initial Set-Up upon arrival and Take Down post event. (Does not include wait time to flip from Ceremony to Reception.) Diagram is needed one week prior to event. Fee must be paid, and service arranged prior to event, may not be added on the day of. FEES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Up to 50 Chairs, $45.00 | up to 100 Chairs, $95.00 | Beyond 100 Chairs, $1.00 per Chair Ordered.

We are happy to clarify, if you should have any questions. Please call our office at 626-531-6650 and/or email us